Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Choosing Wedding Flowers – Part 2

Your wedding flowers are a vital part of your big day and long after your celebration, your wedding photographs will keep the memory of their beauty alive. Taking time and trouble over deciding on the perfect wedding flowers is important and an investment well worth making.

For a coordinated, perfect finish to your wedding you need to choose a wedding florist who specialises in creating beautiful wedding flowers, such as Tollys Flowers in Suffolk. Based in Newmarket we are the convenient choice for brides in Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Ely, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire.

We will create and co-ordinate all the flowers to complete your wedding day giving it a look and feel that is totally personal to the happy couple. You and your guests will be left with long-lasting memories and stunning photographs of a special day.

Last month we gave you tips and advice on choosing wedding flowers for your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid's flowers and flowers for buttonholes or corsages. Here we provide information on choosing wedding flowers for your church or ceremony venue, reception venue and your wedding cars.

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Church or Ceremony Flowers

Adding flowers to your wedding venue is a wonderful way to introduce your guests to the colours and style of the wedding before the bride arrives. They set a visual scene and provide a talking point for guests to speculate on what the bride and bridesmaids' dresses might be like.

In the case of a church wedding, always discuss with the vicar what areas of the church you are allowed to decorate. Areas in the church to consider adding flowers are the entrance, pew ends, aisles, pulpit, font, archways and lych-gate.

Flowers will create your individual mark on the wedding ceremony venue, making it truly your own. Tolly’s Flowers can design everything from large, dramatic pedestal displays to simple flowers and bows on pew ends and everything in between. Depending on the style and size of your wedding, we will advise you on how you can create the biggest wow-factor for the budget you have available. We will also help you get the most for your money, by ensuring that your flowers double up as much as possible. For example, pew ends can be transported to your reception venue, to become your top table arrangement.

Reception Flowers

Flowers have a long history of being used for decoration at weddings and continuing the theme of flowers at your reception will link in with your church/venue flowers and bouquets.

Flowers will add a focal point at your reception entrance and where the wedding party lines up to greet the guests. Garlands over archways are popular along with striking pedestal displays.

You’ll also need flower displays for table centre pieces and the top table flower arrangements. Here again we will aim to save you money where we can, whilst still creating a dramatic effect. For example we can reduce the cost of your table centre pieces by creating half as tall displays and half much lower. The overall effect is still stunning, but you spend less money.

The wedding cake can be enhanced for photographs by adding flowers to give it that special finishing touch. This can be a simple arrangement at the cakes base, flowers or greenery trailed around the cake stand or a specific design inter linked with the overall look of the cake.

Something else to remember is that it is the custom to give both the mother of the bride and groom a bouquet of flowers at the reception, usually during the speeches.

Whether you are having an intimate family wedding or a grand reception with hundreds of guests, the right floral decoration at the wedding breakfast and evening party, will lend that added special touch to your day.

Wedding Cars

When you are driven from the ceremony to the reception you want to travel in style and no wedding car is complete without a floral decoration. A low spray of flowers across the back parcel shelf can be very effective, especially in photographs. Flowers on the bonnet, the door handles and interwoven with ribbons are also striking and unique. Here you can tie the colour theme of your flowers and dresses in with the style of car, although white or cream flowers will always look stunning especially on vintage models.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers is an important part of planning a wedding. Flowers make your wedding day special and unique to you. Wedding flowers are the perfect way to signify love, trust, beauty and romance. Brides can work with the wedding florist to choose flowers for every aspect of their special day.

If you are looking for wedding flowers in Suffolk then Tolly's Flowers, based in Newmarket, are an esteemed wedding florist. We specialise in all types of wedding flowers including the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid’s flowers, buttonholes and corsages.

When you choose Tolly’s Flowers as your wedding florist we can create floral arrangements that show your unique signature and style on your wedding day. When we plan your wedding flowers with you we aim to complement your chosen colours and reflect the bride and groom’s personality.

In this article we look at the bride's bouquet, bridesmaids flowers and buttonholes and corsages – including the history and traditions of these important accessories and guidance on choosing these for your special day.

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Bridal Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is undoubtedly the most important of your wedding flowers. This floral arrangement is the one you can guarantee everybody will be talking about. The bridal bouquet needs to complement the dress, the style of the wedding and the bride’s personality.

The bridal bouquet is steeped in tradition. In ancient times they didn’t contain flowers but strong scented herbs and spices, which were believed to ward off evil spirits and symbolised fidelity. These herbs were sometimes tucked under the bride’s veil rather than being carried as a bouquet. In Tudor England, brides carried marigolds doused in rosewater and ate them when the ceremony had finished as an aphrodisiac!

Later flowers were made part of the wedding ceremony as a symbol of fertility and the first bouquets were made from orange blossom. Orange blossom is now the world's most used wedding flower and mainly popular in Spain, where the tradition is it represents happiness and fulfillment. This is because the orange tree flowers and bears fruit all at the same time.

The tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet stems from England. Female wedding guests used to reach to tear the brides dress and flowers to have her good luck rub off on them. To avoid this the bride would toss her bouquet to the women and run away. In Victorian times, the bride would toss her bouquet to a friend as she left the reception to keep them safe and to pass on good fortune.

Today the bouquet is tossed to unmarried ladies in the belief that whoever catches it will marry next.

Bridal bouquets used to only consist of white flowers as a sign of purity. However today many colours of wedding flowers are available to complement the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses and the overall colour scheme of the wedding.

There is a large range of classic and contemporary shapes of bouquet for you to choose from too. Tolly’s Flowers will advise you on the flowers best suited to your preferred bouquet style. Whether you want contemporary or traditional wedding flowers, your bouquet can be a fully wired shower or a simple hand-tied posy designed just for you.

The most popular designs are trailing waterfall or a long cascading bouquet, which suit taller brides in long, more traditional gowns. Small, bouquets like a hand tied round posy or a bouquet that lies across the arm are better for shorter brides in knee length dresses. Simple single blooms are best for more ornate styles regardless of your height.

However traditional rules don’t have to followed leaving a bride to turn her own ideas into a unique bridal bouquet with the help of a wedding florist, making the possibilities limitless.

Bridesmaids Flowers

The tradition of having bridesmaids as part of the bridal party is many centuries old. As bridesmaids were dressed the same as the bride they were there to fool evil spirits and protect the bride from anything bad happening. Today the bride will choose a colour scheme for the bridesmaids dresses and flowers to complement her own.

Bridesmaid bouquets are often simpler than the bridal bouquet for example a hand tied posy, pomander or for younger bridesmaids a basket arrangement. Gerbera, roses and sweet peas are popular flowers for bridesmaids.

Button Holes and Corsages

The groom’s buttonhole flower is usually one that is present in the bride's bouquet. This tradition dates back from when knights would wear his lady's colours in the form of a handkerchief or ”favour” to show his affection. In some cultures the groom will throw his buttonhole over his shoulder to single male guests in the same manner as the bride throwing her bouquet.

Don’t forget to include buttonholes for the best man, ushers, fathers and grandfathers. These are often a luxurious style buttonhole to co-ordinate with the groom and the colour scheme of the wedding flowers.

We also supply beautiful wedding corsages for important female family members like mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

Buttonholes for the congregation can link the theme of your chosen wedding flowers with your wedding guests. For wedding guests we suggest that you select single stem buttonholes.

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Next month we will look at choosing flowers for churches / ceremony and reception venues and decorating wedding cars.