Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Make Your Wedding Special with Unique Wedding Flowers

When couples come to us for their wedding flowers they may have very different ideas about colours, themes and styles, but they all, without exception, have one thing in common. They want their wedding to feel special and unique to them – and they want their flower arrangements to be highly distinctive and original.

At Tolly's Flowers, this is exactly what we provide for our customers – a highly personalised service to create something completely different for your special day. Pictured here are examples of the unique and beautiful wedding flowers we have designed for some of our clients.

Unique wedding flowers East Anglia

Unique Wedding Bouquets
To us, the bride's bouquet is one of the most important aspects of wedding flowers, since it is carried by the bride both before and after the ceremony, making it a very personal item. As well as being stunning in its own right, a bouquet has to work as an accessory to the bride's outfit. In addition, we also bear in mind that it will appear in most, if not all, the wedding photos.

There are many ways to achieve a distinctive look, while still keeping to the basic ‘posy’ design, including colour combination, innovative use of foliage and use of unusual flower species.

Mixed wedding bouquet Suffolk
In the example above, our designers created a stunning mixed bouquet in pastel colours. We used a mix of English country flowers enhanced with greenery and tied together very simply, to avoid detracting from the colour scheme. The beautiful arrangement and the sheer profusion of flowers makes this an eye-catching and unforgettable bouquet.

White wedding flowers Cambridgeshire

You don't have to choose unusual colours or species to achieve a stunning bouquet.
In the picture above, the bride wanted a very simple white bouquet to go with a classic cut wedding dress. We chose jasmine flowers, using a mixture of pale green buds and full white blooms to create a striking effect. Adding large splayed leaves around the base was the final creative touch needed to turn this classic bouquet into something exceptional.

Unique Wedding Table Arrangements
Designing table centrepieces that will be both visually impressive and small enough to occupy a table, is virtually an art form in itself. But it's an art form that our designers particularly enjoy.

As well as the choice of flowers, we have access to a huge variety of vases and accessories to create interesting effects, depending on the overall atmosphere the couple is looking for.

wedding table floral arrangement

In the above arrangement, a clear round vase on a mirrored base is filled with cream and orange roses, and takes up very little space on the table top. By using relatively few flowers, but a lot of creativity, including the use of metal wiring and seashells, we were able to achieve a highly original display.

Flowers for wedding reception

Want something more modern? Here we have combined the simplest of flowers – cream roses – with sculptural flower holders, to create an effect which wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery.

We hope we've inspired you with the sheer variety of designs that we are capable of creating. So, if you have been wondering how to achieve wedding flowers which are both beautiful and unique, please give us a call – we'll be happy to help turn your dreams into reality.

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