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Traditional Wedding Flowers in Hertfordshire

Tolly's Flowers specialise in creating stunning traditional wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex weddings. But traditional can mean many things too many people, so here we explore what traditional means and the many different wedding flower designs that are possible while still retaining traditional elements. Along the way we will show some real examples of traditional wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk weddings that we have created over the past few years, to show just what's possible while staying within a traditional theme.

Traditional Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire – See a selection of our traditional wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire weddings.

What Are Traditional Flowers - What Does Traditional Mean?

If you are getting married and looking for traditional wedding flowers  for your Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex wedding then you may be keen to bring in symbolic elements into your wedding day flowers. The modern wedding ritual is largely unchanged from its medieval beginnings and the elements that make up many of today’s traditional weddings are reiterations of the past, the main intention being to connect the newly married couple to an longer and more ancient tradition, giving a sense of stability and continuity with past generations.

The traditional use of flowers and something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, all have significant meaning which draw from the past. The traditional wedding, as we now know it, tries to include old rituals: the church wedding, the bridesmaids and ushers, the veil, flowers and reception, even though their original symbolic meaning has been somewhat diluted.

The use of flowers play a major role in today’s traditional wedding but they are nowhere near as symbolic as the aromatic bunches of herbs and grains once carried by brides to ward off ghostly spirits as they walked down the aisle. However that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t bring some of these old symbolic gestures back in to your traditional wedding flowers.

Today’s wedding flower arrangements are significantly more elaborate than their historical counterparts which in some instances used to be simple sheaves of wheat, which were symbolic of growth, fertility and everlasting love, or herbs which were believed to have magical powers. It was only in Victorian times that flowers took on their own meaning and flowers became a way for lovers to communicate to each other.  Today flowers are used to help create atmosphere and wedding themes such as the English country wedding, modern and contemporary, or traditional - all of which are designed to reflect the lives and the love of the bride and groom. 

Using  Locally Available and Seasonal Flowers

Historically, brides would have used whatever was available at the time of getting married. Cultivating flowers throughout the year would not have been possible in the past and the meaning and ritual of the flowers used would have depended on what was around at the time and in season.

This can still apply today if you want to reflect seasonal blooms in your wedding flowers. You can also choose flowers and more traditional elements such as herbs and cereals with more meaningful and traditional flowers like Lily, Rose, Ivy, Lavender and Lily of the Valley, as seen in this beautiful hand tied bouquet. Lily of the Valley can also be combined with Roses and Ivy to create a more compact arrangement.

Traditional Colours

Whites, creams, soft pinks and tender tones of yellow, set against a backdrop of grey green Ivy and bright green Jasmine leaves are amongst the more familiar colour ways used in traditional floral themes.   Slightly bolder colour schemes come when using pink Peonies, Roses and Ranunculi set against gold or brown tones which can be achieved with linen and bridesmaid dresses. Other more subtle colour schemes are those of green and cream bouquets as seen below.

Other subtle colour schemes are lavender and pink or you can go for bold bright and light pink combinations which are sophisticated and will work all year round.

Traditional Bouquet Design

The bridal bouquet, traditionally symbolic of happiness, used to be made of herbs, Thistle, Ivy and Heather. Each herb had its own meaning such as Sage indicating wisdom and Dill meaning lusty, but flowers later became known for their very own meaning: Daisy, innocence; Jasmine, elegance and grace; Lilac, first love; Orange Blossom, fertility; and Lily, purity.

In this example above soft pink and creamy white Roses are edged with Ivy. Traditionally the Ivy would symbolise fidelity, the pink Rose friendship, and creamy white Rose purity: a perfect message for your traditional wedding day.

Traditional Ceremony Flowers

Church flowers, doorways and gateways, when decorated in the theme of your wedding, bring everything together.  In the example below a church doorway has been decorated with a mixed colour arrangement of local, English flowers, bringing a sense of tradition to the very start of the day.

Traditional Reception Flowers

Flower arrangements are used to decorate the tables, chairs, dance floors, marquees and walkways adding colour and style to any wedding reception.  There are three styles of floral arrangements which florists work to: Oriental which concentrates on the lines of the arrangement, Modern where the rules vary according to current fashion, and Traditional. Traditional is where the florist will work to a more conventional shape and outline creating balance and stability in the overall arrangement. The florist will also be working to other guidelines which create a focal point and rhythm which are all aimed at directing the eye. 

In this example above we can see a mass of Roses and greenery creating a large freestanding venue display and complementing the cake which has been decorated with large, full bloom white Roses.

In the example below large, full bloom pink Roses and smaller cream Roses have been used to edge the cake,  with a hint of purple Jasmine and budding Roses set with greenery to top the cake.

Traditional Never Goes Out of Fashion

When choosing wedding flowers for your Hertfordshire, Essex or Suffolk wedding, whatever style you go for, choosing something that doesn’t date is really important. This may seem odd when the flowers that you have on your wedding day will only last a few days or weeks, but your photos of the day will be something that you can treasure forever.  Traditional wedding flowers, if done with this in mind, will create a lasting memory of a very special and symbolic wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire – Click here for more traditional design inspiration for Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire wedding flowers. 

To help you create the perfect traditional wedding flowers contact us today on 01638 668805 or through our contact page to arrange your free wedding consultation.

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Contemporary Wedding Flowers Essex

At Tolly's we have the flair and imagination to design wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire wedding venues.

So whether you want a completely minimalist feel or an innovative mix of traditional and modern wedding flowers, Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Suffolk couples can be assured of stunning displays and bouquets to create the contemporary design statement they are looking for.

Wedding Flowers Essex  – See a selection of our contemporary wedding flowers for Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire weddings.

Contemporary Colour Schemes

Simple and minimalist pale nudes and blush tones will be taking centre stage this season. Striking floral combinations like Poppy and Jasmine, pale pink Sweet Avalanche Roses and creamy white Talea Roses, Ivory Gala Lilly, Scented Narcissus, Tulip and Pussy Willow when combined will not only make interesting contemporary shapes but will also provide brides with fashionable colour combinations, from soft nude pinks to hot orange and citrus colours. 

In the bouquet below, soft cream and pink-brown Roses create a traditional feel but with a sophisticated, contemporary twist.

Bouquet Design

This year, as we move into spring and summer you will see contemporary floral trends moving away from the vintage styles much favoured by brides over the past 18 months and more emphasis being put on fragrance and colour.

The Peony with its soft full blooms in pale tones of pink makes for a stunning contemporary bridal bouquet for late spring and early summer weddings. When tied in tight bunches and mixed with Sweet Peas which come in an array of light pinks, violets, whites and creams, Lisianthus with their complementary slightly richer tones of pink and purple, and Mimi Eden Spray Roses, you get a soft, delicate yet fragrant bouquet. When set against a bridal gown of ivory silk or duchess satin you achieve the ultimate elegant and contemporary look for your wedding day.

Gypsophila is making a strong comeback this year, not as a complementary addition to other flowers but simply to use on its own. When sprays of Gypsophila are laid together to create soft floating hand held bouquets, or bunched together to make large balls of soft white, you create a stunning effect of contemporary feminine simplicity. Other alternatives are to go for a more structured contemporary look using just one flower like the beautiful and fragrant Jasmine with its angular leaves and flower.

Reception Flowers

Sweet Peas when arranged in large glass or silver bowls make wonderful wedding flower venue arrangements. Their delicate flowers with heady scent of summer add to the overall contemporary style of your wedding day.

Alternatively, a contemporary feel can be achieved by arranging traditional flowers using contemporary vases and decorative details. In the table display below, hand held bunches of cream and pink roses  are displayed in glass spheres set on mirrors to create a modern and dynamic display ideal for the most contemporary of weddings.

Single stem Roses laid at each place setting is a modest adornment to any table top. This contemporary display accentuates the full beauty of the rose.

Other contemporary table top arrangements can be made using unique shaped vases with angular shapes and lines where the flowers, as seen here, are placed in a way that emphasises the floral display and creates height which is an ideal way of filling large spaces. Both of these styles are contemporary and fit perfectly with the more modern venues now available.

Unique and Personal

Many couples are keen to create a wedding design that is unique to them and which reflects their personality and taste – but with so much tradition surrounding weddings, trying to create a wedding theme that is completely unique to you may seem to be a challenge.

At Tolly's we are experienced at suggesting floral and colour combinations that may in some cases push the boundaries of what has gone before. Using our creative edge and floristry skills we can combine traditional and modern elements to create that perfect contemporary wedding flowers  for Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire weddings.

Contemporary Wedding Flowers Essex – Click here for more contemporary  design inspiration for Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Essex wedding flowers. 

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Tolly’s Create Autumn Wedding Flowers in Hertfordshire with True Flair

Autumn is a season of transition from those beautiful warm summer months to cold, dark winter days so a September wedding can feel very differently to a late November or October wedding. For this reason choosing autumn wedding flowers may at first seem like a difficult task, especially given that the abundance of summer flowers is coming to an end. Some of the most beautiful flowers available during these months are: roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers which can be combined with red winterberries, purple beauty berry and burning bush. The combinations of flowers with their deep reds, oranges and russet colours are endless, allowing Tolly's to create a wide range of stunning and unique autumn wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire wedding venues. 

Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire  – See a selection of our creative designs for wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire weddings.

At Tolly's wedding flowers Hertfordshire couples can benefit from our design service which ensures that your choice of wedding flowers will help set exactly the right tone for your  wedding.  All of our floral designs at Tolly’s can be tailored to your personal requirements making them truly unique as well as fitting in with the season. We can also source and provide advice on what locally grown flowers are available for your chosen wedding date.

Here we have picked out just a few popular design themes for autumn wedding flowers, with a few examples from previous weddings.

Late Summer -

Roses may be coming to the end of their natural season by the time September arrives but you can still use full bloom roses along with bright colours and or a mixture of wildflowers and berries with plenty of greenery to create a truly stunning arrangement that reflects late summer and early autumn. Also by restricting the number of colours and flowers as shown here in this arrangement with full bloom roses  you can still say summer but when teamed with a darker colour like purple, will give you just a hint that autumn is round the corner.

Autumn Colours -

In terms of floral displays autumn has its own range of special and beautiful colours: reds, oranges, purples and browns. If you want to reflect the season through colour in your wedding theme choosing orange as the focal point to your floral arrangements creates an instant autumnal feel, while still feeling very warm and cheerful, as in this table decoration below.

Warming -

There are still further warming tones and designs that can be used for weddings that fall in late October and November when temperatures will be dropping and evenings drawing in. These later months see the transitional period move further away from summer and more to winter. Warming designs will still have summery colours like yellow, white and cream and rustic pink browns but they will be focused more towards a theme that uses darker, richer colours such as deep velvet reds, oranges, purples and greenery that lend itself more to the cooler months of the year. A creative way to work with darker coloured flowers and to weave in some light and reflection is to use mirrors or candles or a combination of both. This will bring in light and create a warm and inviting atmosphere to the venue as shown here.

Contemporary -

Contemporary themes to weddings are very popular all year round and whilst you might think this is more suited to spring or summer weddings it can be created using muted autumnal shades and a restricted colour palette.  Using just two colours gives an instantly contemporary feel, even if the flowers themselves are highly traditional like the Rose. For inspiration look at this beautiful bouquet which uses two roses in full bloom - one in a soft creamy pink colour, the other a more rustic, gentle tone of pink brown - creating a very elegant, contemporary and refined hand held bouquet.

As well as helping couples to pick a colour scheme and style that works with the season and reflects their own personal taste, Tolly's will also ensure that we work within budget to maximum effect to achieve the impact you want. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we use a range of design techniques to maximise the impact of your chosen flowers, including the use of glassware, candles and mirrors. And we'll also re-use your flowers wherever possible to help keep down costs – for instance by using ceremony flowers as table top or room decorations.

Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire – Click here for more design inspiration for Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Hertfordshire wedding flowers.

To help you create the perfect autumn wedding flowers  call us today on 01638 668805 or email us through our contact page to arrange your free wedding consultation.

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Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is an extremely popular time for weddings, both for the symbolism associated with this time of year and for the huge choice of flowers that become available around this time. Whatever your preferred colour scheme or type of flower Tolly's can help to design spring wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex venues.

The variety of flowers in spring is enormous, with just about every colour and shape of flower available. So when it comes to trying to choose wedding flowers, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk couples may initially find the decision overwhelming.

Of course, if you have a definite type of flower or colour in mind, Tolly's will be delighted to use that as a starting point for our designs. But if you are still looking for inspiration it can sometimes be helpful to focus on the overall atmosphere and feel you want for your wedding and then let Tolly's suggest colours and flowers to match.

Tolly's also specialise in sourcing locally grown, English flowers wherever possible and springtime is when these supplies are becoming readily available. As well as offering freshness and variety, this also means your wedding flowers are eco-friendly too. And for couples connections to Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Hertfordshire, wedding flowers which have been locally grown add a nice touch to a family wedding.

Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire – View examples of some of our designs for spring wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire wedding ceremony venues

Instead of giving you a list of flowers, we've put together a number of themes which illustrate a number of popular design options available when designing spring wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk weddings..

The End of Winter – For a late winter or very early spring wedding, white and cream combined with lots of pale green or hints of pale colours give a very refined look. This is a look which works well with any other colours that may be part of your wedding design. It is also appropriate for a more formal or contemporary style of wedding where the desired atmosphere is understated optimism.

In this late winter / early spring bouquet we have used white flowers in varying stages of bloom, from completely closed green buds through to fully opened. The limited colour palette creates a sophisticated look, while the various shades of green and different flower sizes give the arrangement life and energy appropriate to the season and the occasion.

Back to Nature – Spring is a time to loosen up and get back in touch with nature, so a popular spring wedding theme is to look for locally available English spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinth and anemone. Using native wild flowers such as daisies and bluebells is also very appropriate for this theme, either used on their own with plenty of greenery for a rustic look, or combined with more traditional flowers such as roses for something more refined.  A natural feel can also be obtained through the choice of arrangement, avoiding too much structure and symmetry and going for something more flowing and relaxed.

In this table top decoration the flowers are traditional pale pink and cream roses, but the arrangement is informal creating a very relaxed atmosphere.

New Beginnings – This theme is all about starting out, growth and possibly even fertility. So it is understandably an ever-popular style for weddings all year round. Here the theme is less about using specific flower types and more about signalling youth and growth. For instance, pale green foliage suggests new shoots, while unopened buds suggest potential and new life, as in this mixed flower bouquet. Smaller blooms in paler colours also give a sense of "more to come". A range of colours are possible within this theme: use single colours for a refined look, or mixed colours for a more relaxed look.

Exuberance – This is a style that is Ideal for a late spring wedding when summer is nearly here. The feel is bright, energetic and not too formal. This is achieved through the use of brighter, perhaps even vivid colours, larger blooms, and a mixture of colours and shapes, but still with plenty of greenery. An Easter wedding can use this theme to great effect, making use of plenty of bright yellow flowers for a thoroughly cheerful and optimistic atmosphere.

In this gateway garland a mixture of bright and pale shades are mixed, along with several flower types, giving an impression that these flowers have been gathered from the surrounding countryside to create this impressive but informal display. The long stemmed flowers have been purposefully arranged in all directions to give a sense of energy and profusion.

If you've been inspired by some of these ideas and would like to discuss your requirements with us, just call us to arrange your free initial consultation. We welcome enquires for wedding flowers from Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire couples.

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Wedding Flowers Suffolk – Your Guide to Choosing English Flowers for a Traditional Country Wedding

If you are choosing English wedding flowers for a traditional Suffolk ceremony, the most popular flowers are Roses because they are a symbol of love and admired for their beauty. They are an obvious timeless choice, as they have been grown in the UK for centuries and like Freesias, Lilies and Chrysanthemums, are available all year round. Roses look wonderful in table arrangements and in hand ties and offer a good variety of colours to choose from to suit your special day.

Seasonal flowers, locally produced are also good for a traditional style wedding because they are quintessentially British. As much as 90 per cent of flowers are imported into the UK, however, recent years has seen a growing appeal of British grown flowers. 

Locally produced wedding flowers offer great value for money and provide fantastic sources of inspiration. They are environmentally friendly too as they don’t have to be sourced from an exotic or overseas destination, so they will reduce your carbon footprint.

Here we shall look at wedding flowers sourced from Suffolk or other parts of the UK to complement the perfect English country wedding.

Wedding Flowers Suffolk -  view full information on our wedding services

Flowers for a Traditional Spring Wedding

Spring is the most popular time of year to make your vows as it is symbolic of new beginnings. It is when the flowers bloom and trees blossom; and a beautiful spring day creates the perfect setting for your nuptials.

This season sees an abundance of British home grown flowers, and as well as an array of colours and blooms to choose from, many flowers also give off a distinct aroma at this time of year. And by the choosing the right colour and scent combination, you can create truly wonderful displays.

Just as flowers vary from season to season, the colours do too, and there are many flowers available in delicate pastel shades in spring, such as pinks and lilacs. Flowers for a spring wedding include Daisies, Tulips, Peonies, Bluebells, Daffodils, Lily of the Valley and Forget-Me-Nots.

A popular spring flower is the Daisy which adds the perfect touch to a country wedding and is not only cheerful and delicate to include in a bridal bouquet, but has a great meaning too as it stands for loyalty and romance.

Another popular choice is the Tulip which grows from December until May and is available in a range of vibrant colours, including reds and yellows. Tulips can be used in hand ties or can be combined in a display with other flowers such as Roses.

Flowers for a Traditional Summer Wedding

Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding ceremony as it is when the weather is brighter and sunnier and you can combine your ceremony with the holiday season for a fantastic honeymoon jet-away.

Some typical examples of UK grown flowers available at this time of year include: Delphiniums, Sweet Pea, Sweet Williams and Sunflowers.

Delphiniums are very tall flowers that work well on their own or can be used to create elaborate displays when mixed with other flowers of similar colouring. You can find Delphiniums in blue, pinks, lilacs and white and they are a symbol of devotion.

Available from July through to October, Sunflowers are bright and cheerful and look wonderful in a tall vase or in large, dramatic arrangements. Sunflowers mean adoration so they are a perfect touch for a summer wedding.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, Sweet Williams are typical country garden flowers so they are a superb choice for a traditional wedding. As are Sweet Peas which give off a wonderful fragrance and are available in a wide range of colours. They represent pleasure and contentment.

Flowers for a Traditional Autumn Wedding

As the time of year when the leaves turn, autumn brings out a wonderful array of golds, reds, oranges and browns, and is a beautiful season for a wedding.

If you are choosing autumn wedding flowers for your Suffolk nuptials, some UK grown flowers available at this time of year include Geraniums, Orchids and Gerberas.

The availability of seasonal flowers are more limited than those in spring and summer but it gives you the chance to have some glorious autumn themed arrangements which can include berries, leaves and even wood.

Gerberas look almost like a Daisy and are available in a range of colours and can be teamed with other blooms to create cheerful displays. Geraniums are made up of lots of florets grouped together to form a ball. They can be mixed with roses to make elegant and feminine centre pieces. Orchids look wonderful on their own or in a display and symbolise beauty.

Flowers for a Traditional Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are truly magical and there is fantastic dream-like feel to a ceremony at this time of year: think snow, fairy lights and fir trees.

Most flowers can be sourced all year round, so having beautiful flowers for a winter wedding is not a problem, but if you are choosing seasonal flowers for a winter wedding, there are UK flowers available.

Among the winter flowers are Snapdragons, which represent desire and can be grouped together to make an elegant bridal bouquet, Dahlias symbolise good taste and again can make a pretty winter hand tie.

Another UK grown flower is the Lily and these flowers work well either by themselves or in a large arrangement. They are available throughout the year, although not in all colours, and stand for purity.

Whether you want seasonal wedding flowers for your Suffolk nuptials, or more exotic blooms, Tolly’s florists source flowers from the UK or all over the world for traditional or contemporary wedding displays.

Wedding Flowers Suffolk -  view full information on our wedding services

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Working Within Your Budget

Tolly's Flowers work with a wide range of clients with varying budgets, supplying wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire couples at a wide range of venues. Whether you are planning a lavish reception at a venue such as Bedford Lodge Hotel in Suffolk, or a more low key event in a local venue, Tolly's understand the importance of working within budget and always aim to give the best possible value.

In fact, working within a budget for a lavish wedding is just as important to couples as it is for a smaller wedding, as the space to be decorated is usually much larger, creating its own challenges for your wedding flower designer. So when looking around for a supplier of wedding flowers, Essex couples frequently look to Tolly's to ensure that they achieve the best possible impact for the budget they have in mind.

Wedding Flowers Essex  – See a selection of our creative designs for wedding flowers for Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire weddings.

Getting the Most from Your Wedding Flowers

Working within a budget isn't just about choosing the best value flowers based on the current season and availability – although we will obviously take that into account and can advise couples about this as part of the initial consultation. At Tolly's it means maximising the impact of your designs and arrangements so that they create the atmosphere you want for your ceremony and reception.

Achieving this requires experience, imagination and a host of techniques – all of which are at your disposal when Tolly's are designing the wedding flowers for your Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Hertfordshire wedding.

Here is just a flavour of the many ideas and techniques we use to work within your budget and maximise the visual impact of your wedding flowers.

Intelligent Re-Use

One of the first things we will look at is how your flower arrangements can be re-used in different ways on the day. For instance, flowers that were used to decorate your ceremony venue, and perhaps also car decorations, can be transported to the reception venue and used again, either as they are, or rearranged into decorations for table tops, doorways, columns and so on. As well as being a common sense way of getting the best value from your flowers, many couples appreciate the eco-friendliness of this approach. But it makes great sense for your wedding atmosphere too, as it helps to create a sense of continuity between the ceremony and reception and pull the day together as a single event.

Designing for Atmosphere

Flowers have a unique ability to make any event or location feel that much more special, which is why flowers continue to be such an important feature of modern weddings. So at Tolly's we pay special attention to how a space will feel, not just how it will look. For a low key reception, perhaps in a modest village hall or small hotel function room, the simple addition of the right floral arrangements can turn an ordinary space into something that feels enchanting and luxurious. At the other end of the spectrum a large hotel reception room or marquee can feel rather empty, but with the right choice of flowers can be made to feel a lot more intimate and inviting.

Using Non-Floral Elements

We frequently make use of non-floral elements such as mirrors, glassware, candles, ribbons and more to create displays which are stunning but less dependent on the quantity of flowers in the arrangement. These elements add sparkle and glamour while also creating designs which are completely unique to your wedding. For example, this modestly sized table display punches over its weight in terms of impact and appeal through the use of reflection and colour.

Integrating With Your Wedding Design

We don't just design gorgeous bridal bouquets and buttonholes in isolation – we'll think about the overall colour scheme for the wedding and ensure that these items tie in with the bride's dress and the outfits of the groom, bridesmaids, ushers and so on. Similarly, we don't just design a single tabletop decoration by itself – we'll consider the impact that will be made when there are six, ten or twenty of them together in a room, alongside other elements such as table linen, chair tie-backs and any other design features already present such as columns, windows and beams. For instance in the table top decoration above, the colour scheme closely ties in with the tablecloth and even the carpet to create an overall effect.

Using Shape and Height

Impact isn't just about the quantity of flowers used, the colour scheme or even the size of the arrangement. Often it is the shape of an arrangement that demands attention. In this example of a tall, traditional display of white roses, although the size of each table top decoration is large, only 6 or so were needed to decorate all the tables, but there is no doubting the impact of the overall room.

By contrast, the table top design below is very far from traditional and shows how a relatively small number of traditional blooms can be part of a very contemporary wedding design.

Using Innovation to Add Impact

As well as using flowers in the ways you might expect (bouquets, buttonholes and table decorations) we also have innovative ways of using flowers which add impact for very little expense. For instance, as well as the traditional bouquet a wedding dress can be accessorised with flowers in the veil, train or sleeves to create something completely unique. Cakes can also be transformed with a few simple touches. In this example the flowers do all the talking to create an extremely sophisticated look.

The above examples are just a few of the designs we have created for our many clients over the past 20 years. If you'd like to achieve this level of impact for your own wedding flowers, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire couples are welcome to contact us to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss their requirements.

We are located in Newmarket, just 10 minutes over the Essex border and just 30 minutes from the M25 making us a convenient choice for wedding flowers in Essex and the surrounding counties.

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Beautifully Created Summer Wedding Flowers Essex

Summer is the most popular time of the year for a wedding, with warm, sunny weather and long balmy summer evenings lending themselves naturally to the overall perfect wedding day. During the summer months flowers are also plentiful in variety, colours and fragrance giving every bride more choice in floral design.  At Tolly’s we create wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire weddings, turning your ideas into beautiful, creative floral displays and bridal bouquets that are personal and bespoke for your wedding day.

Whether you need summer wedding flowers for an Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Suffolk wedding, we design with artistic flair and create imaginative displays for the church, wedding cars, button holes, corsages, bridal bouquets, reception flowers and accessories such as table centrepieces, wedding cake arrangements and gift bouquets. We take care to ensure that everything ties in together to create something which is beautiful, striking and most importantly reflect the bride and groom’s vision.

Summer Wedding Flowers Essex - View examples of some of our designs for bouquets and wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire weddings.

At Tolly’s we help you to choose the style and colour scheme and make sure that this theme is followed throughout all of your wedding arrangements. It’s our distinctive creative flair and our attention to detail that brings everything together on the day, making it special and memorable to you and your guests.

With such a wide variety of flowers to choose from during summer, it can be helpful to think about the overall atmosphere you want for your wedding, and then choose flowers to create that feeling. Here are just a few of the most popular design options you could go for:

Roses – Traditional and Elegant – Roses being so loved and symbolic of love, work really well all year round, but in the summer months roses really do come into their own. In spring you will see roses in bud, but in the summer months they are in full splendour being larger and in full bloom and they are available in every colour. By simply choosing one colour for your arrangements you can create a formal and understated display. For a more relaxed atmosphere, go for mixed colours in an informal arrangement, as in this marquee pole decoration.

Bright – The Vibrancy of Summer - By utilising a combination of colours you create a less informal display that bursts with life and vibrancy that reflects the fun of the summer months and creates a thoroughly celebratory atmosphere. Depending on what colour combinations are used you can be understated by restricting the colour scheme to two or three colours or you can go bold with a full on profusion with a mix of colours and flower types  as in  the simple hand held bouquet shown below. Here the vibrant orange creates a cheerful, summery feel, while the white flowers keep the design tied in to the bride's dress.

Or you can choose two or three colours like bright pink and green set against a black vase. An arrangement like the one below is bold, feminine and contemporary in style.

Rustic – Perfect for a County English Garden Wedding

If you are having a country or village hall wedding you can go for a more rustic looking arrangement using locally sourced wild flowers. This look is extremely relaxed and informal but still colourful using more muted and natural tones. Most summer wild flowers like sunflowers, cornflowers, musk thistles, seasonal county garden and field grown flowers can be used to create something truly lovely, natural and almost vintage in style.

Wild and English country garden flowers look most at home when set against natural backdrops of wood, terracotta and glass vases or pots. Tin buckets also add a more contemporary look to the natural and soft colours of wild flowers. In the ceremony display below mixed colours and loose arrangements go perfectly with the weathered wood of the pavilion.

Sophisticated – A More Contemporary Setting – Flowers can be used in the most simplest and minimalist way and can create something very powerful and impactful just by the way they are placed. A simple way is to use just one flower of your choice to create something sophisticated and contemporary.

With the season come new styles, colours and imaginative and creative designs that when pulled together add that special finishing touch to your wedding day. Sometimes it can be left to the flowers themselves to convey the season, we just help you to realise your vision for your day in bloom.

In the ceremony design below, a single full flower rose combined with a fashionable grey chair tie-back creates a highly sophisticated and stylish effect.

Summer Wedding Flowers Essex – Click here for more design inspiration for Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Essex wedding flowers. 

To help you create the perfect summer wedding flowers contact us today on 01638 668805 or through our contact page to arrange your free wedding consultation.