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Ideas for Autumn Wedding Flowers Cambridge

If you are taking your vows in the autumn, Tolly’s florists design and create magnificent wedding flowers for venues in the Cambridge region and can create stunning seasonal arrangements for country houses, idyllic barns, churches, historic buildings, chapels and modern interiors.

Some couples choose wedding flowers for their Cambridge venue to reflect the season of their nuptials and want their interior transformed with a colourful array of oranges, yellows, greens, browns and reds.

Whether you are getting married in the autumn or at another time of the year, Tolly’s florists will guide you through the various options and work their magic to create breathtaking wedding flowers for your Cambridge venue that set the scene for your special day.

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Read on for our top ideas for your autumn wedding!

Wedding Flowers Cambridge - Displays for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn it is a wonderful time of year to get married as it is the time when leaves turn and fall creating a blanket of colour. If you are choosing wedding flowers for a Cambridge wedding, there are some astounding venues all over the region from pretty retreats overlooking the river to grand country houses.

If you are taking your wedding vows in September, October or November, you may want to take inspiration from nature and choose autumn colours or seasonal flowers. Here we shall look at five ideas for wedding flowers in Cambridge, this autumn.


When choosing flowers for your autumn wedding, consider the meanings of the colours when making your choice. Here's our at a glance guide to help you pick the right colours for you.

Orange denotes happiness, delight, desire and enthusiasm. Red is the colour of love and passion. Yellow means bliss and happiness. Brown is a stable, grounded colour. Green represents good luck and gold means health and wealth.

Seasonal Flowers

If you are having an autumn wedding, it may be that you will want to opt for flowers in season such as geraniums, sunflowers, roses, gerbera, gladioli, orchids, snapdragons or dahlias.

Gerberas and orchids are a great choice as they represent beauty; gladioli means strength of character; snapdragons represent desire; sunflowers mean purity of thought and roses, which are a traditional choice, represent love.

Flowers of the Month

For another take on flowers and their meanings, if you like symbolism, you can also choose flowers that represent your birth month or the month your nuptials.

Morning Glory, for instance, is a September flower; Calendula is a flower for October; and Chrysanthemum are associated with November and mean faithfulness. You may want to choose flowers in your bouquet or arrangements that represent the birth months of you and your partner.

Autumn Displays

If you are choosing flower displays for an autumn wedding, whether you want contemporary or traditional arrangements, there are all sorts of pretty touches we can provide to create out of the ordinary displays.

One idea is to use berries in the bouquets or table arrangements. Berries, such as Hypericum, are available year round and come in a vast range of colours including green, cream orange and brown.

For a rustic feel to your autumn wedding, you may want to use twigs or even pine cones in your table arrangements.

If you are looking for a more subtle effect and want a bouquet of white flowers, a ribbon in an autumn colour adds an elegant touch to your hand tie and still creates a seasonal feel.

About Tolly's Flowers

Tolly’s have been creating fabulous wedding flowers in Cambridge and further afield for nearly 20 years and can provide a complete arrangement service for your special day. Just talk through your ideas with us and we will create memorable arrangements that you, your partner and guests will love!

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wedding Flowers Cambridge: Selecting Flowers and Colours for Your Wedding Reception

As the countdown begins to your special day, you’ll want to add to the glamour of the occasion by choosing breathtaking wedding flowers for your Cambridge ceremony and reception.

Once you have found the perfect setting for your nuptials and reception, stunning wedding flowers will enhance the beauty of your venue and create just the right atmosphere.

Using an eye for detail and artistic flare, Tolly’s have designed and created beautiful wedding flowers for some of Cambridge’s top venues. And with more than 20 years experience in creating fabulous displays for weddings, corporate clients and royal clients, you know you are in the best possible hands.

Whether you’re having a small, intimate ceremony, or grand red-carpet style celebration, you’ll want eye-catching wedding flowers for your Cambridge venue. From dramatic and traditional pedestal displays, to simple, exotic table arrangements, we create displays that will astound your guests and add to the magic of the occasion.

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Wedding Flowers Cambridge: Some of the Most Popular Blooms

Whether you are choosing wedding flowers for a modern Cambridge venue, or a stately home setting, there are some flowers that always prove popular.

Roses are top of the list for wedding flowers and are a firm favourite with brides and grooms as they signify love and romance. They are a great choice for brides opting for a traditional, fairy tale wedding.

Another fashionable option for wedding flowers, Cambridge, are calla lilies, which signify grace and charm. A simple orchid in a clear glass vase is also great contemporary choice and means love and beauty. In addition, conventional lilies are also admired in both bouquet and arrangements and are an ideal selection for a wedding as they symbolise truth and honour.

If you want blue flowers, hydrangeas can be found all year round and mean understanding. Delphiniums are another good choice if you want the colour blue in your arrangements and add drama to displays because of their height. They signify lightness or swiftness and are a good selection for a country theme.

Tulips inject sunshine to a spring wedding – and they also signify undying love! And, for bouquets or arrangements packed full of fragrance, freesias are widely available in spring and summer.

Wedding Flowers Cambridge: How to Create Different Looks with Colour

In addition to your choice of flower, one of the things you will need to settle for your wedding flowers in Cambridge, is what colours to go for in your arrangements.

White means innocence and purity so it is always a popular choice for bouquets, reception and wedding ceremony flowers. To add to the romance of your special day, candles in your table arrangements will enhance the atmosphere of the occasion.

With white flowers your imagination is the limit! They look striking on lavish traditional pedestal arrangements or wrapped around pillars with stunning trails of ivy. If you want a more individual and contemporary style wedding, you can opt for a minimalist look to your table arrangements with spheres of white flowers on clear Perspex stands so your arrangements take on a sculptural effect.

If you want to bring colour and brilliance to your reception flowers, bold, exotic flowers in orange or yellows will brighten any venue. You don’t have to have large, impressive displays to create a vibrant look. A simple orchid in a clear vase is just as striking and is a great choice for a tropical themed wedding, either to reflect the bride or groom’s country of origin, or the honeymoon destination.

Blue, purple or lilac flowers are a good choice for a country themed wedding or to create a regal or majestic look. You can combine them with other colours, such as white, for a more muted effect or even yellow for the more daring.

And, if you can’t find your favourite flower in blue, anything is possible as you can even dye white flowers in the colour of your choice!

We hope this gives you some food for thought for your wedding flowers Cambridge. Read on to find out more about the different looks and designs we can create to make your dreams come true on your special day!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wedding Reception Flowers - Ideas from Tolly’s Flowers

Your choice of wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions to make when creating the perfect wedding venue. Wedding flowers enhance the magic and romance of your chosen setting, adding colour and beauty to your tables and creating stunning focal points for your guests to admire.

Tolly’s Flowers produce amazing wedding flowers for couples getting married in the South East of England as well as further afield. In every job that we undertake, we create grand floral displays for your wedding venue as well as everything else for your special day including bouquets, button holes, corsages and flowers for your church or civil ceremony. We are known for our high quality of work and the ability to create the maximum impact - whatever your budget.

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Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Here at Tolly’s Flowers we know that with so many designs, colours and types of flower to choose from, selecting wedding flowers can be a daunting task. We will guide you through this process, to ensure the end result delights both you and all of your guests. Here we look at some of the things to consider when choosing wedding reception flowers.

Colour Schemes

One of the first things to think about when choosing wedding flowers is your colour scheme. Flowers are generally chosen to tie in with a theme, so that they match other elements such as bridesmaids dresses, the groom's tie and other decorations at your venue.

Often a bride will have a colour in mind that she just must have for her wedding! Her personal favourite, or perhaps a colour she has always imagined whilst visualising her perfect wedding. Other bride's may consider the meanings of different colours to add symbolism to their flower choice.

For example:

  • A traditional choice of colour for wedding floral arrangements and bouquets is white. It is the symbol of purity, peace and innocence and looks elegant in all types of decorations and posies. Yellow is bright, sunny colour and is said to bring hope, optimism and happiness on your big day.
  • If you want luck on your side, green is the colour for this as it represents good fortune and harmony.
  • If you are looking for flowers that symbolise stability, blue is the colour to bring security and honesty to the lives of the happy couple.
  • Pink is a feminine choice which indicates gentle passion and new beginnings, although bright pink symbolises fun and friendship, light pink has a softer, calmer quality.
  • Red represents passion and is the colour traditionally chosen for roses on Valentine’s Day.
  • Pale violet is serene and spiritual.

Flower Types and Their Meanings

Flowers, like colours also have different meanings. So if you want your bouquet or reception flowers to take on a symbolic significance, choose flowers that signify the qualities you desire.

  • Tulips bring elegance and beauty to a spring wedding and red ones are said to symbolise love.
  • Roses are a very traditional choice for wedding flowers and the different colour options take on different meanings: red roses symbolise passion and white ones represent love and beauty.
  • Daisies indicate loyalty and innocence, so they are a good choice to have in a wedding bouquet, as are bluebells which signify eternal love.
  • Lemon blossoms mean fidelity in love and so do violets and veronica.
  • Freesias are another popular flower as they have tiny blooms that give off a wonderful fragrance. They come in a range of colours and symbolise trust.
  • If a large family appeals to you, you might think about including orchids which in Chinese symbolism mean “many young children”. This type of flower also indicates love and beauty.

Whatever flowers you choose for your wedding day, also think about incorporating ivy in to some of the displays as this is the symbol of love, affection and faithfulness. And if you are looking for the perfect flowers for your honeymoon suite, orange ones are great for this as they signify joy and desire.

Styles of Table Decoration

The first flowers to consider when planning your wedding reception are your table decorations. These are a must, whatever your budget to create a wow-factor in the room.

There are many different types and styles of table decoration that will beautifully accessorise your venue.

Here at Tolly’s Flowers we produce everything from traditional table top decorations using pretty seasonal flowers, to dramatic contemporary centre-pieces, which can incorporate items such as candles, mirrors or glass vases. Choose from tall or low level arrangements or a combination of the two - for a cost effective yet striking effect.

Other Reception Flowers

As well as adding flowers to tables, wedding flowers can be used to add colour to almost any part of your reception venue. For example they can be used to decorate pillars, or add a wonderful romantic touch to a doorway or archway that the couple will walk under after making their vows.

Large pedestal displays in the hallway of your wedding venue will set the scene as guests arrive. You can also use flowers to embellish window sills, fire place surrounds and the backs of chairs or add a stunning finish to a simple wedding cake design.

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