Friday, 29 July 2016

Outdoor Wedding Flowers

Most traditional wedding flower arrangements are designed to be displayed indoors – for instance, on tables, pedestals and perhaps pew ends. However, there may be occasions where a couple wish to have outdoor floral displays, either at the ceremony location or at the reception venue. In such cases, using vases and floor stands is not practical or even possible, but requires imagination and a different set of skills.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular with couples as a way of making their ceremony unique. This is partly because it has become easier to achieve in the past few years, as the rules around granting venues licences to hold civil wedding ceremonies have become more relaxed. Many traditional wedding venues – such as hotels or country clubs – now offer the possibility of an outdoor ceremony (with the useful option of retreating inside should the British weather not be obliging on the day), often providing pavilions or gazebos overlooking gardens, lakes or other attractive, natural scenes. Such structures lend themselves perfectly to being adorned with ceremony flowers.

At Tolly's Flowers we have been meeting this challenge for many years and have developed the expertise to create attractive displays almost anywhere, including outdoor locations across Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Here we show just some of the innovative outdoor wedding flowers we have designed, to help inspire you when thinking about your own forthcoming celebrations.

Outdoor Wedding Flowers Suffolk

Outdoor Ceremonies
In the charming gazebo above, Tolly's Flowers has designed sumptuous wedding flowers to hang either side of the ceremonial area, as well as a traditional altar table decoration to match, creating the perfect stage for the ceremony to come.

Wedding flowers church door Suffolk

Flowers at church door for wedding

Church Gates and Doorways
Flowers can be a beautiful way to mark a lychgate or church doorway as being a "threshold" into a new stage of life. But they are also very often the place where the main wedding photographs are taken – so your doorway decorations are likely to be part of your memories of the day for many years to come.

Depending on the design of the doorway and your preferences, you can choose between overhead displays or column displays, as pictured above.

Floral arch at door weddings Suffolk

Reception Venues
However, you don't have to have a church wedding to make use of doorway displays, either at the ceremony or reception venue. A threshold display can be used in any building, ancient or modern, whether it is a country hotel or a local village hall, to add a real sense of occasion and create a warm welcome for your guests – such as this arched display shown above.

Pink wedding flowers outdoors

Floral wedding arrangement outside

Reception Grounds
Whether you are holding your reception in a marquee or a hotel, a summer wedding offers guests the chance for romantic walks around the grounds. So why not add some outdoor floral decorations to help create an extra special atmosphere for the event?

In the example above we decorated both ends of a large "walk through" pergola with a profuse display of summer flowers, providing an enchanting way to access the marquee area. The pergola was also fitted with a net of fairy lights, which helped to illuminate the flowers after nightfall, as well as provide visibility for night strollers.

So, however unusual your ceremony or reception venue, Tolly’s Flowers can devise decorations which will be both stunning and practical. If we've inspired you to think about using outdoor wedding flowers for your Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire or Norfolk wedding, please do get in touch.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Make Your Wedding Special with Unique Wedding Flowers

When couples come to us for their wedding flowers they may have very different ideas about colours, themes and styles, but they all, without exception, have one thing in common. They want their wedding to feel special and unique to them – and they want their flower arrangements to be highly distinctive and original.

At Tolly's Flowers, this is exactly what we provide for our customers – a highly personalised service to create something completely different for your special day. Pictured here are examples of the unique and beautiful wedding flowers we have designed for some of our clients.

Unique wedding flowers East Anglia

Unique Wedding Bouquets
To us, the bride's bouquet is one of the most important aspects of wedding flowers, since it is carried by the bride both before and after the ceremony, making it a very personal item. As well as being stunning in its own right, a bouquet has to work as an accessory to the bride's outfit. In addition, we also bear in mind that it will appear in most, if not all, the wedding photos.

There are many ways to achieve a distinctive look, while still keeping to the basic ‘posy’ design, including colour combination, innovative use of foliage and use of unusual flower species.

Mixed wedding bouquet Suffolk
In the example above, our designers created a stunning mixed bouquet in pastel colours. We used a mix of English country flowers enhanced with greenery and tied together very simply, to avoid detracting from the colour scheme. The beautiful arrangement and the sheer profusion of flowers makes this an eye-catching and unforgettable bouquet.

White wedding flowers Cambridgeshire

You don't have to choose unusual colours or species to achieve a stunning bouquet.
In the picture above, the bride wanted a very simple white bouquet to go with a classic cut wedding dress. We chose jasmine flowers, using a mixture of pale green buds and full white blooms to create a striking effect. Adding large splayed leaves around the base was the final creative touch needed to turn this classic bouquet into something exceptional.

Unique Wedding Table Arrangements
Designing table centrepieces that will be both visually impressive and small enough to occupy a table, is virtually an art form in itself. But it's an art form that our designers particularly enjoy.

As well as the choice of flowers, we have access to a huge variety of vases and accessories to create interesting effects, depending on the overall atmosphere the couple is looking for.

wedding table floral arrangement

In the above arrangement, a clear round vase on a mirrored base is filled with cream and orange roses, and takes up very little space on the table top. By using relatively few flowers, but a lot of creativity, including the use of metal wiring and seashells, we were able to achieve a highly original display.

Flowers for wedding reception

Want something more modern? Here we have combined the simplest of flowers – cream roses – with sculptural flower holders, to create an effect which wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery.

We hope we've inspired you with the sheer variety of designs that we are capable of creating. So, if you have been wondering how to achieve wedding flowers which are both beautiful and unique, please give us a call – we'll be happy to help turn your dreams into reality.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Pink Themed Weddings

Choosing pink as the key colour for a wedding is as popular now as it's ever been, and at Tolly's we have designed spectacular pink wedding flowers for a host of nuptials in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. And yet, each wedding is different, depending on the shades of pink, the types of flower, the matching colours within the scheme and, above all, the creativity and flair of our designers.
Here we take a look at some of the ways that pink can be used to achieve very different effects.

Pink Wedding Flowers Suffolk

Here, pink is combined in a very subtle way with cream or white, to achieve a very classic effect, but without being completely monochromatic. It can be a beautiful way to use pink while avoiding it being overwhelming. For instance, in the image above, white and green are the dominant colours in this bouquet, but a few pale pink roses give a softer, more romantic effect.

pink and white peonies

Here we have used ice pink and white, with peonies instead of roses. The shape of the peonies combined with the crisp colours gives a modern twist on the traditional cream and pink rose bouquet. Our designers can also create eye-catching contemporary designs using traditional flowers but with alternative trimmings and accessories – such as the glass domes and mirrors in the image above.

floral arrangements

If you simply can't decide on a single shade of pink, why not use several? Using multiple shades of pink creates a highly energetic and exuberant affect, perfect for a summer wedding, but which still feels very coherent and stylish.

Traditional / Vintage
Nearly as popular as the colour pink, is the vintage look for weddings – and combining the two works perfectly. In this table decoration we have recreated the elegance of times gone by using silverware with white roses and foliage accents.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Beautiful Buttonholes


When you are thinking about wedding flowers for your Essex, Suffolk or Norfolk nuptials it's all too easy to focus on the bride's bouquet and the table arrangements. But just as important to the overall theme for your wedding are buttonholes for the groom and important gentleman guests including best man, fathers, page boys and ushers.

Buttonholes for gentlemen are far more than simply decorative, however – they are also highly symbolic. In medieval times, a gentleman would wear his lady's "colours" (often adopted from her family's coat of arms) over his heart on the left side of his chest, as a sign of his loyalty and affection. And it is believed that this may be why buttonholes are worn on the left lapel nowadays.

Just as a bride's bouquet has its origins in the carrying of symbolic plants (such as wheat or barley for fertility, herbs to ward off evil spirits, and so on) a groom's buttonhole is believed to have served a similar function, and is perhaps why wedding buttonholes have several elements to them, usually involving some non-floral elements such as foliage, rather than consisting of a single bloom.

With all this tradition and meaning behind them it's worth putting some significant thought into the design of your buttonholes. At Tolly's we are known for our attention to every last detail, so you'd expect us to put just as much care into the design of a buttonhole as to the bride's bouquet. In fact, we design bouquet, buttonholes and corsages together, to ensure that they all work harmoniously to achieve a unified theme.

To illustrate, we have hand-picked a selection of beautiful buttonholes and corsages that we have previously designed for couples in East Anglia, to give you just a taste of what's possible and to inspire you.

rose buttonholes

These elegant pink rose buttonholes and corsage look stunning with a pink and white themed wedding flowers display, and turn heads when attached to the lapel of a grey or black tux or suit. In this set, you see the use of some gypsophila which was used in the bride's bouquet and which helps to add something special. The design also features a bow of navy blue ribbon, to tie in with the colours used elsewhere in the wedding design, as well as creating a more masculine feel. Meanwhile, the corsage (bottom right) features some smaller and paler pink blooms, for a more feminine effect, while still maintaining a strong overall colour scheme.

red roses

Red roses symbolise romance, as well as a being a popular choice for modern weddings. Teamed with cream or white, as in this example, it can also convey patriotic overtones, appropriate for a traditional English wedding.
Here, the red is used as a stunning contrast to the cream used for bridesmaids posies – but unity is maintained by using a similar shape and size of roses throughout. 

orange and yellow flowers

Orange and Yellow
Orange and yellow are exuberant colours – perfect for a celebration such as a wedding. These buttonholes and matching bouquet look stunning at a spring or autumn event and add a touch of brightness to your wedding attire. Here we have used a mid-green foliage which really makes those yellows and oranges pop for extra impact. 

white and cream flowers

Traditional White and Cream
If you’re looking for something more traditional and modest for your corsages and buttonholes, white or cream roses are ideal for the occasion. The challenge here is to achieve a look which is understated but not bland. Our designers have dressed these simple cream roses – a single, large rose for the groom and a cluster of smaller roses for the corsage – with deep green ivy for some dramatic contrast. These buttonholes look fabulous for any traditional, simple or countryside wedding.

Designed to match the theme of your wedding, buttonholes and corsages can be crafted from a huge selection of flowers and can be made to any specification. Alternatively, tell us the colour scheme you have in mind, and the overall atmosphere you are hoping to achieve, and let us propose a design for you.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Add a Floral Wow Factor to Your Springtime Day with Spectacular Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers add charm, beauty and a sense of occasion to ceremony and reception venues, Tolly’s create an extra wow factor that will contribute to making your springtime Wedding or reception an event that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Here at Tolly's our expertise is in tuning in to exactly what each couple are looking for, whether that’s contemporary or vintage, understated or bold. For those couples looking to make a real statement, we've selected some of our favourite spectacular displays to inspire your big day, specially selected for spring.

Stunning Wedding Flowers

Here we have created a wonderful, vintage rural display. This enchanting arrangement captured the imagination of wedding guests and enhanced the beauty of the venue. Springtime colours make wedding venues feel fresh, bright and positively stunning.


Setting the Scene

At Tolly's we look at a whole space, and come up with creative ways to integrate your wedding flowers. Making use of furniture, pillars, pews and other architectural features to create a truly outstanding display is one of our specialities.

In this example, the colours are light and the blooms are traditional roses – but we've used the height of the columns to achieve maximum visual impact.

Stand Tall

In this table display we have combined height and shape, as well as a splash of pink and purple, to create a striking, memorable arrangement that stands tall above the rest. 

Making an Entrance

We are often asked to dress church doorways and lychgates with lush displays of wedding flowers, to help create a romantic space for the bride and groom as they arrive and leave.

Regardless of venue, Tolly's can help you to recreate the idea of making an entrance at your wedding or reception.

These beautiful archway pieces give a spectacular view for guests and newlyweds alike, and are a beautiful floral reminder of the joy ahead of you when entering or leaving a venue.

If you have a forthcoming wedding and are looking for ways to add an extra wow factor to your ceremony or reception venue, call us for a friendly chat.

Based in Newmarket, we are ideally situated for weddings and events in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and parts of Essex.

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine’s Day Weddings

February is one of the most romantic months of the year, with the 14th being a popular date for marriages. Here at Tolly’s, Cambridgeshire, our design team has been busy creating beautiful wedding flowers and romantic bouquets for partners and loved ones. If you are thinking of organising nuptials for February 2017, feel inspired by some of our favourite winter wedding displays.

Warm Oranges

Orange is a fantastic alternative to red for a Valentine’s Day wedding, as the colour exudes warmth, energy and happiness. At Tolly’s we believe in attention to detail and we loved adding all the creative finishing touches: interspersing the table arrangements with colourful leaves, Physalis, and placing a single rose at each setting.

Although this was an autumn celebration, we feel similar table arrangements could work just as well for a February wedding too.

Vibrant Reds

This Cala Lilly bouquet is a charming contemporary take on traditonal red roses for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Mixed with white, it makes a stunning combination. Cala lillies make fantastic buttonholes too and are a popular year-round request.

Winter Whites

White wedding flowers are magical at this time of year. Our dreamy end pew arrangements of roses, hydrangeas and gypsophila looked gorgeous, and, combined with the soft glow from the candle lanterns, it set the scene for a memorable occasion.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gorgeous Flower Displays at Cambridge University

The academic year is well underway, and here at Tolly’s Flowers we have put our artistic skills to the test making magnificent creations for special events at schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments across East Anglia. From stunning table candelabras, to glorious pedestal arrangements, here is a taste of some of the spectacular displays Tolly’s designers have created for the world-renowned Cambridge University earlier this year.

Kings College Hall

These eye-catching tall candelabra arrangements in shades of maroon, cream and purple, atop of elegant silver stems, provide the ideal d├ęcor for this stunning Gothic Georgian hall. We produced the fine candelabra displays for a wonderful dinner at King’s College Hall, considered one of the most impressive dining halls created during George IV’s reign. Our displays perfectly match their graceful surroundings.

 Queen's College Chapel

These two large pedestals in reds, white and purple blend effortlessly into their surroundings without detracting from the splendour of the interior. These gorgeous flower displays, set against the delicate and intricate backdrop of the altar, made a beautiful visual amalgamation at the centuries old Queen’s College Chapel.

St John's Chapel

A striking mix of English grown stocks and sunflowers made a fantastic focal point in this grand, 14th century stone interior. The large pedestal arrangement was designed by Tolly’s for the historic St John’s Chapel, which draws thousands of visitors a year.

We provide welcoming and stunning displays for a range of school and college venues and events from open days to prize giving ceremonies, graduation celebrations and more. Call us now on 01638 668805 to discuss your requirements.