Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beautiful Flowers by Tolly's Professional Wedding Florists

Experienced wedding florists, Tolly's Flowers of Newmarket, have been creating beautiful and memorable wedding flowers for couples across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for more than 20 years. But there's one important element of our service which is often overlooked – and that is our ability to help make the big day run smoothly.

There are a lot of elements to be thought about and arranged in the lead up to the big day – the dress, the cake, bridesmaids and page outfits, venue booking, guest invitations, catering, the ceremony, photography – as well as the wedding flowers of course. All these elements have to come together on one day, and it all has to be right first time – no second chances. So, how can you make sure everything runs perfectly?

One answer is to hire professionals that you can trust – and at Tolly's Flowers that is exactly what you get. We not only have the creative talent to design stunning displays, but the professionalism and experience to deliver on the big day. We regularly produce flower arrangements for large, public corporate events – and we've even created flower displays for royalty – so we know how to make sure everything is exactly as it should be on the big day.

Here are a few of the weddings we have designed for, demonstrating our ability to create impressive displays for wedding ceremonies and receptions, however small or large, or however challenging the venue.

Wedding Florists Essex, pink flowers

The art of the possible – Professional wedding florists can, quite simply, achieve effects that the less experienced would not even attempt. To take just one example, the above is a huge gravity defying display we created for a local wedding reception.

wedding reception flowers on tables

Attention to detail – Part of being a professional wedding florist is the ability to make sure that everything is just so, as in this black and cream themed reception above. To match the dark grey chiffon chair tie-backs, we used matching black glass in the tall table centrepieces and the smaller top-table displays, to create a unified look for the whole room.

outdoor flowers, Essex weddings

Making it work – Part of being a professional florist is the ability to think beyond the basics and work imaginatively with the venue to create something original. In this outdoor wedding we made a feature of the support poles by entwining foliage and flowers to striking effect.

Floral displays, weddings, tables

Less is more – In the table displays above, the flowers have been carefully arranged and pre-tied in order to achieve an effect which looks completely effortless, creating the informal and relaxed atmosphere the couple were looking for.

Wedding Florists Essex - Click to find out more about our range of flower arrangements for your ceremony and reception.

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