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Ideas for Autumn Wedding Flowers Cambridge

If you are taking your vows in the autumn, Tolly’s florists design and create magnificent wedding flowers for venues in the Cambridge region and can create stunning seasonal arrangements for country houses, idyllic barns, churches, historic buildings, chapels and modern interiors.

Some couples choose wedding flowers for their Cambridge venue to reflect the season of their nuptials and want their interior transformed with a colourful array of oranges, yellows, greens, browns and reds.

Whether you are getting married in the autumn or at another time of the year, Tolly’s florists will guide you through the various options and work their magic to create breathtaking wedding flowers for your Cambridge venue that set the scene for your special day.

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Read on for our top ideas for your autumn wedding!

Wedding Flowers Cambridge - Displays for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn it is a wonderful time of year to get married as it is the time when leaves turn and fall creating a blanket of colour. If you are choosing wedding flowers for a Cambridge wedding, there are some astounding venues all over the region from pretty retreats overlooking the river to grand country houses.

If you are taking your wedding vows in September, October or November, you may want to take inspiration from nature and choose autumn colours or seasonal flowers. Here we shall look at five ideas for wedding flowers in Cambridge, this autumn.


When choosing flowers for your autumn wedding, consider the meanings of the colours when making your choice. Here's our at a glance guide to help you pick the right colours for you.

Orange denotes happiness, delight, desire and enthusiasm. Red is the colour of love and passion. Yellow means bliss and happiness. Brown is a stable, grounded colour. Green represents good luck and gold means health and wealth.

Seasonal Flowers

If you are having an autumn wedding, it may be that you will want to opt for flowers in season such as geraniums, sunflowers, roses, gerbera, gladioli, orchids, snapdragons or dahlias.

Gerberas and orchids are a great choice as they represent beauty; gladioli means strength of character; snapdragons represent desire; sunflowers mean purity of thought and roses, which are a traditional choice, represent love.

Flowers of the Month

For another take on flowers and their meanings, if you like symbolism, you can also choose flowers that represent your birth month or the month your nuptials.

Morning Glory, for instance, is a September flower; Calendula is a flower for October; and Chrysanthemum are associated with November and mean faithfulness. You may want to choose flowers in your bouquet or arrangements that represent the birth months of you and your partner.

Autumn Displays

If you are choosing flower displays for an autumn wedding, whether you want contemporary or traditional arrangements, there are all sorts of pretty touches we can provide to create out of the ordinary displays.

One idea is to use berries in the bouquets or table arrangements. Berries, such as Hypericum, are available year round and come in a vast range of colours including green, cream orange and brown.

For a rustic feel to your autumn wedding, you may want to use twigs or even pine cones in your table arrangements.

If you are looking for a more subtle effect and want a bouquet of white flowers, a ribbon in an autumn colour adds an elegant touch to your hand tie and still creates a seasonal feel.

About Tolly's Flowers

Tolly’s have been creating fabulous wedding flowers in Cambridge and further afield for nearly 20 years and can provide a complete arrangement service for your special day. Just talk through your ideas with us and we will create memorable arrangements that you, your partner and guests will love!

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