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Wedding Trends – What They Mean for Your Choice of Wedding Flowers

There are many exciting new trends and fashions which could contribute to the choice of wedding flowers for your Hertfordshire ceremony. Are you getting married in a church or a more unusual venue – perhaps even in an outdoor setting? Do you plan to wear traditional white, or are you opting for a brightly-coloured or quirky vintage or rustic gown? Is the whole wedding going to be on a theme, with your bridesmaids and guests dressing in your chosen style?

Chances are that your wedding will be as individual as you are – and East Anglian florists Tolly's are ready to create special displays to fit in with your hopes and dreams for your special day. Here we look at some of the current trends which are being adopted by many prospective brides and grooms.

If you are tempted by any of these ideas, we can provide wedding flowers in Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire which will perfectly complement your chosen themes and colours, ensuring that it is a day to remember all your life.

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White weddings never go out of fashion, but, increasingly, they are not the only choice. A growing number of brides are deciding against the traditional gown, with one survey estimating that 25% of younger women now step down the aisle in bolder shades. Bright greens, blues and reds are among the most popular choices, while gold and other metallic colours, pastels and multi-coloured silks are also growing trends. If you are wearing a colourful dress, then you can either carry white flowers as a contrast, or perhaps go for a bouquet which echoes the colours of your gown.

Other non-traditional choices for dresses which are becoming increasingly popular include short dresses, backless designs and vintage looks. In each case, your bouquet can be suited to the design. For instance, a bride wearing a contemporary short dress might want to carry a posy of British flowers which have been simply tied. Floral wedding dresses are yet another trend, and you could carry flowers echoing the shapes of those on your gown.

Colour Themes
Bright colours and metallic shades are increasingly popular choices not only for wedding dresses, but also for whole ceremonies. Tablecloths, crockery, vases and decorations in vivid colours such as red, gold and the on-trend emerald green can help to give a sense of fun and warmth. You could also suggest your guests wear something in your chosen colours, and even those men who are wedded to their dark suits might decide on a bright bow tie or buttonhole.

Flowers will obviously play a big part in creating your colour scheme. For instance, tables at the reception could have centrepieces with large floral displays combining your chosen colours. Alternatively, you could have several different smaller arrangements each of which mainly features flowers in one particular colour, or in different shades, such as lighter and darker purples alongside one another.

Back to the Gatsby Era
Baz Luhrmann's glitzy remake of 'The Great Gatsby' heralded a return to 1920s glamour. Many couples are currently choosing an art deco theme, with brides wearing a gown and head-dress in the style of the era, featuring details like pearls, beads and feathers. Silver and glass table settings and vintage cocktails will help to create the mood, and the couple might even go away in a vintage car for the start of their honeymoon. Stylish and sophisticated floral designs, including blooms such as orchids and hydrangea, will add to the look.

Quirky and Rustic Looks
As a complete contrast with Gatsby glamour, some couples are going for more quirky and individual options, such as rustic and "green" weddings where everything is kept as simple as possible, possibly with the reception or even the ceremony held outdoors. In-season British flowers are likely to be the choice here where possible, perhaps with looser contemporary arrangements created to give a wild look. Sometimes green is chosen as the featured colour and so the floral displays would include a lot of greenery along with white or pale flowers.

If you are having a glamorous vintage wedding then you will probably want an elaborate multi-tiered cake to tie in with the theme. However, another popular current trend is for more contemporary and simpler-styled cakes which are decorated with fresh flowers, creating a highly individual look. Tolly's can suggest wedding flowers for your Hertfordshire ceremony which will really be the icing on the cake.

Outdoor venues and unusual settings are increasingly being chosen as options for both weddings and receptions. If you are having your reception in a barn with a high ceiling, then dramatic extra-large floral decorations could add interest and help to make the most of the space.

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Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

Deciding on the wedding flowers for your Essex ceremony is an exciting task, which might leave you feeling spoilt for choice. However, East Anglian florists Tolly's can help you to ensure that you pick the perfect arrangements for your special day.

There are a host of beautiful blooms to choose from, but one aspect which you might not have considered is the symbolic meaning of each flower. Every spray or blossom in a wedding bouquet has its own special significance, in many cases dating back to Victorian times, when the language of flowers was used between courting couples to send one another secret messages of undying love.

Here we take a look at the meanings of nine top wedding flowers, all popular with brides in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk. Choosing these types of bloom will not only add colour, interest and beauty to your bouquet, but will also give it a significance for you alone, as combining meanings can make an arrangement truly personal..

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1. Rose

This traditional and romantic choice for weddings has a variety of meanings depending on colour – so, if you choose a bouquet of different roses, you can mix meanings while still sticking to one type of flower. White is said to mean "Innocence", while pink signifies "Perfect Happiness", a red rose means "Romantic Love", and a tea rose means "A Memory To Last Forever". All of these are beautifully appropriate to weddings, and you could also add in rosebuds for "Beauty and Youth", or yellow roses which carry a meaning of "Joy and Friendship".

2. Lily of the Valley
"Return of Happiness," is one traditional meaning of this white bell-shaped flower, giving it added poignancy for a second marriage or one where the happy couple have overcome difficulties. However, it also has other meanings, including "Purity" and "Sweetness". With its fresh scent and dark green foliage, the lily of the valley adds a classy touch to a wedding bouquet, and is often combined with other flowers. Although traditional white lily of the valley is best known, there is also a rare pink version of the flower.

3. Orchid
Signifying "Love and Beauty", these exotic wedding flowers are often chosen by Essex and Suffolk brides to add excitement to their bouquets. Orchids tend to be associated with the tropics, but they are in fact grown all over the world. Many varieties are grown in hothouses but this isn't always necessary. Orchids come in a host of colours, including white and pink, which are often popular choices for weddings.

4. Gladioli
These tall, impressive flowers have the meanings "SIncerity" and "Generosity", making them an appropriate choice for a wedding bouquet, a table centrepiece or an arrangement for a reception. They are available in white and also in a wide choice of other colours, including deep wine-red, magenta and even green, as well as bi-coloured varieties.

5. Gerbera

If you are looking for a strikingly different addition to your wedding flowers, then these brightly-coloured members of the sunflower family could be the answer. Meaning "Innocence", the very popular cut flowers come in a range of colours, including yellows, oranges and pinks as well as white, and make a stunning impression in arrangements for your ceremony or reception.

6. Gypsophila
"Fertility" is the meaning of this popular flower, which is rarely used alone but usually combined with other flowers, giving a sense of exuberance and informality. In America, it is common for young girls going to a wedding to have their hats decorated with this flower and, while this might not be the custom in the UK, it is still a popular element in floral arrangements at ceremonies. Gypsophila gives a light, frothy effect and goes with any colour scheme.

7. Hyacinth
The meaning of the hyacinth varies depending on colour, but blue ones mean "Constancy", while white ones mean "Loveliness", making both of these appropriate for floral arrangements at weddings. The buttonhole pictured here combines a white rose, meaning "Innocence", with a blue hyacinth, signifying "Constancy".

8. Ivy
It's not a flower, admittedly, but ivy is still an important element in many floral arrangements at weddings, with its meaning of "Fidelity and Wedded Love". Ivy's trailing and glossy dark green leaves are a great way to add drama and interest to a floral display at the ceremony or reception, while still maintaining a simple colour scheme.

Mixing it Up
With these meanings in mind, choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet, or floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception, can be about more than creating a colour scheme and making a visual impact. The flowers become ways to give your special day extra significance. Some brides like to preserve their bouquets and, if you do decide to keep some of your flowers, the effort you made in choosing your bouquet will then have enduring meaning over the years.

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