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Specialist Wedding Flowers Hertfordshire

Tolly's Flowers are specialists in wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk weddings and are here to make sure your wedding will be a memorable and beautiful day.

The Importance of Choosing a Wedding Flowers Specialist
Did you know that apart from the dress and the cost of the reception itself, flowers are what most couples choose to spend most on for their weddings? Often more than the ring or the honeymoon!
That's because most couples who come to us to help design their wedding flowers fully understand what a big impact a really good floral display can make to the atmosphere of a wedding and that it can enhance not just the day itself but also your family's memories into the future, as your choice of wedding flowers will often appear in formal and informal photographs and videos of the big day.

So when it comes to planning your Essex, Suffolk or Hertfordshire wedding, flowers are best placed in the hands of experienced specialists – because you only get one chance to make your wedding day perfect.

WeddingFlowers Hertfordshire  – View examples of some of our designs for bouquets and wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire weddings.

Tolly's Flowers – Wedding Flower Specialists

At Tolly's we can truly call ourselves wedding flower specialists. When you come to Tolly's for wedding flowers Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire couples get a whole lot more than just beautiful flowers – you get a complete design service with all our 20 years of experience and creativity at your disposal. Here are just some of the reasons Tolly's should be your favoured choice for wedding flowers in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties.

Design Experience
Tolly’s have many years of experience designing for a wide range of wedding types, large and small, traditional and contemporary. This means we can cater for any type of wedding and are able to incorporate any style or colour scheme you may have in mind. While each wedding is unique, our experience means we simply know how to put together any possible style or theme you could possibly want.

We do more than simply produce the arrangements you specify (although of course we can do that if you have something very specific in mind). We add value by using our creativity to come up with a design from scratch. Just give us a budget to work to and any preferences you do have (e.g. colour scheme or favourite flowers) and leave the rest to us. This service is a huge time saver for couples with a wedding to plan, especially if the wedding date is quite close.

And as part of our creative design service, we will also suggest innovative ways of using flowers in ways you may not have thought of. While most people will think of a bridal bouquet, buttonholes for groom and ushers and table decorations, weddings can make use of flowers in a myriad of different ways, from church, to car to reception venue. How about embellishing a wedding dress with fresh flowers? Or as part of a cake decoration? With Tolly's you can let us come up with the ideas and simply choose the ones you like.

Personal Attention
We only cater one wedding per day so our team are totally focussed on you on the day that really matters. We don’t just deliver the flowers to the venue and then leave; we stay on hand to ensure displays are arranged correctly and, if required, to move them from the ceremony venue, to the car and on to the reception venue and rearrange as needed. It's one less item of logistics for you to think about on the day.

Attention to Detail
We understand that your floral displays need to do more than just look good on the day – often they will feature prominently in the photographs you take of the event. So we pay enormous attention to not just an individual display, but the overall effect and atmosphere it creates in a room.

Budget Sensitive
All weddings, even lavish ones, need to work within a budget, and we are very mindful of how important this is to couples. We’ll always aim to work within your budget creatively, and have a range of ways of re-using flowers to maximise the impact you can achieve for your money.

With all this specialist expertise, you might expect that using Tolly's to design your wedding flowers might be an expensive option. But it is completely free to arrange a wedding consultation and find out just how much creativity we can offer within your budget. Just call us on 01638 668805 to book a free consultation.

Based in Newmarket just off the A14 we are conveniently located to provide wedding flowers for Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk wedding venues.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Winter Wedding Flowers Essex

Winter may not seem like a promising time of year for a wedding florally speaking, but Tolly's can help to design winter wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire winter weddings that will enchant and cheer whatever the weather may be doing outside.

Winter weddings can be just as glamorous and romantic as summer weddings, and your choice of flowers plays an especially important part in creating a beautiful winter wedding. However, many couples can initially feel confused about what sort of design direction to take, or may even be worried that the design options are too limited at this time of year. Here we consider some of the design options available at this time of year and show that when it comes to designing winter wedding flowers, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk couples can look forward to colour schemes and designs that are just as innovative and exciting as at any other time of the year.

WinterWedding Flowers Essex  – View examples of some of our designs for bouquets and wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire weddings.

Winter Wedding Flower Design Options
When designing a winter wedding, there are probably two major routes to take: either try to create a winter-free zone, or embrace the season completely.

For a winter-free-zone this simply means choosing bright, spring or summer flowers in any colour combinations you choose. With modern day travel it is possible to have just about any type or colour of flowers you like, all year round. This is a popular choice for couples who have a particular colour scheme in mind that really only summer colours will complement, such as bright pink, orange, purple or blue, or who especially love particular summer flowers such as roses and freesias.

But if you choose to embrace the season instead, your choices are still extensive. Embracing the season means using colour schemes and other elements that are strongly associated with winter. Here are just a few design ideas along these lines:

Warming – One of the most popular and effective design options is to go for in winter is a rich, warm colour scheme. This is a great way to banish the cold while also reflecting the season. Warming colours tend to be strong but not too light or bright, such as deep reds, oranges and yellows offset with dark green. Deep red snowberries can be used to embellish arrangements or can even be used by themselves to make an entire bouquet; while deep pink or purple thistle flowers are a great choice for an early winter / late autumn wedding. Add further warmth with light, either directly with candles or indirectly with shiny surfaces such as mirrors, fabrics and ribbon.

White or Cream – These suggest snow and ice, as well as instantly working with any cream or white wedding dress, making this a look that is popular all year round. This type of scheme will appeal to any couples who like a "less is more" approach to design, and results in an extremely sophisticated look. As well as traditional cream or white roses, carnations and so forth, you can make the design feel more seasonal with touches such as white snowberries. White is ideal if you want a really wintry feel, while cream creates a softer look.

Silver or Gold – Adding silver or gold to a cream or white theme is a way to add sparkle and warmth to your design but without moving too far away from a winter colour scheme. Silver and gold can be added in many different ways from silver, gold or even diamante ribbon, beads and crystals. Other natural items sprayed gold or silver can also create a sense of luxury while still referring to what's going on outside, for instance pine cones, acorns or nuts.

Christmas – A red and green colour scheme makes both a dramatic and warming display, while also fully embracing the season. Dark green foliage combined with red flowers or ribbons creates a dramatic display which can be kept natural or embellished with silver or gold. Many couples like the symbolism of using evergreen foliage as part of their design, as well as appreciating the rich, luxurious effect it can create. For more sparkle and glamour, use large glass vases with baubles and lights either on table tops or for room decorations.

Spring Around the Corner – Winter doesn't last forever and so a wedding in late January or February may like to reflect the fact that Spring is only a few weeks away. Here white and cream still work well, but perhaps with lighter green foliage or pale green flowers to represent new shoots. Another option is to choose flowers which are predominantly white but have a hint of colour coming through, such as a pale pink or pale orange. Pale pink snowberries are also a great seasonal choice for those who really want a lighter colour colour scheme. This is a popular option for those who want a winter feel to their wedding but also want to bring in a colour other than cream or white.

Keeping Winter Wedding Flowers Within Budget
At Tolly's we understand that budgetary considerations are extremely important when it comes to planning a wedding, so we prefer not to gloss over the economic realities.
Couples will already be aware that the cost of flowers increases during the winter months, for obvious reasons (fewer flowers are available locally and more are imported) and often worry that this means that their winter wedding flower budget will be inflated as a result.

However, there are many ways that we can use our design expertise to keep within your desired budget while still having a truly stunning display. Here are just a few tricks of the trade that we use when designing winter wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Norfolk weddings.

Foliage – Using evergreen foliage makes a stunning backdrop for a smaller number of expertly placed blooms. White or cream flowers create a delicate and sophisticated look, or use reds, oranges or even purple for a more warming and dramatic look.

Candles – There's nothing more wintry, or more cheering, than candles as part of a floral display, and are especially suited to table top decorations.

Glassware – Glass catches and reflects the light and when placed close to or part of a floral arrangement can create an impression of there being more flowers.

Mirrors – Placing flowers on top of a mirror, as part of a table top decoration for instance, instantly doubles the visual impact of your floral decorations.

Ribbons – Carefully arranged ribbons add colour and glamour to any floral display and can be used to maximise the impact of a few carefully chosen flowers. A smaller bridal bouquet can appear much larger and more impressive with some trailing ribbons; while a few table top flowers can be interwoven with ribbons to create something innovate and beautiful.

Height over Volume – Using fewer flowers doesn't have to mean a low level display. Individual orchids can stand up to 2 feet high and look both delicate and impressive as a table centrepiece.

Lights – using electric fairy or Christmas lights add instant warmth and cheer to any display. Use white lights for a wintry feel, or coloured lights to inject colour or to complement a colour scheme.

Table Linen – White table linen works for either a winter colour scheme or to offset spring or summer colours. Using coloured napkins and chair tie-backs are a way to introduce warmer or stronger colours into a design even if the flower selection is more muted.

To see examples of how we combine these elements to create stunning wedding flowers for Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Norfolk weddings, please view our photo gallery

Based in Suffolk, Tolly's Flowers provide wedding flowers for Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Suffolk wedding venues.