Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gorgeous Flower Displays at Cambridge University

The academic year is well underway, and here at Tolly’s Flowers we have put our artistic skills to the test making magnificent creations for special events at schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments across East Anglia. From stunning table candelabras, to glorious pedestal arrangements, here is a taste of some of the spectacular displays Tolly’s designers have created for the world-renowned Cambridge University earlier this year.

Kings College Hall

These eye-catching tall candelabra arrangements in shades of maroon, cream and purple, atop of elegant silver stems, provide the ideal d├ęcor for this stunning Gothic Georgian hall. We produced the fine candelabra displays for a wonderful dinner at King’s College Hall, considered one of the most impressive dining halls created during George IV’s reign. Our displays perfectly match their graceful surroundings.

 Queen's College Chapel

These two large pedestals in reds, white and purple blend effortlessly into their surroundings without detracting from the splendour of the interior. These gorgeous flower displays, set against the delicate and intricate backdrop of the altar, made a beautiful visual amalgamation at the centuries old Queen’s College Chapel.

St John's Chapel

A striking mix of English grown stocks and sunflowers made a fantastic focal point in this grand, 14th century stone interior. The large pedestal arrangement was designed by Tolly’s for the historic St John’s Chapel, which draws thousands of visitors a year.

We provide welcoming and stunning displays for a range of school and college venues and events from open days to prize giving ceremonies, graduation celebrations and more. Call us now on 01638 668805 to discuss your requirements.