Friday, 14 October 2016

Church Ceremony Flowers

At Tolly's Flowers we create stunning ceremony flowers for couples in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, for all types of venue, from registry offices to country hotels and, of course, parish churches.

Getting married in church has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years helped, it is believed, by Prince William and Kate's lavish nuptials in 2011. The Church of England reported a 6.2% increase in wedding services in 2012 and the trend stayed strong right through to 2016.

Of course, East Anglia is particularly blessed in terms of the number of charming parish churches to be found in towns and villages throughout the region. These historic buildings – many of which are hundreds of years old – make delightful settings for a traditional family wedding.

There are many ways of decorating a church for a wedding, both inside and out, to help create an atmosphere of romance and celebration. Here we showcase just a few examples of the ceremony flowers that Tolly's Flowers have created especially for churches.

Gates and Doorways
Church gates and doorways are places where your friends and family will gather before the wedding, so decorating them with flowers is a lovely way to welcome your guests. They are also very often the backdrop against which many of the formal wedding photographs will be taken.

Ceremony Flowers Norfolk – Church Gates

At this church gateway we have enhanced the wonderful wrought iron archway with profuse spray arrangements, combining traditional white roses and English wild flowers such as larkspur, setting a celebratory tone for the ceremony to come.

church doorway Norfolk

For this ancient church doorway we have worked sympathetically with the stonework and the iron grille above the door, using a mixture of large and small blooms to create a delightful effect.

Inside a church, there are a multitude of opportunities to place ceremony flowers, using the architecture and furnishings of the church itself, including fonts, pew ends, rood screens and pulpits, as well as the altar.

Flowers on font East Anglia

Here we have made use of the stone font as a giant vase to create a fountain of flowers and foliage, symbolising joy and abundance.

white flowers in church

Alternatively, freestanding arrangements can be easily placed anywhere – such as this stunning globe of cream roses and hydrangeas with candles, on a tall brass stand. Freestanding displays have the additional advantage that they can be easily removed and taken to the reception venue where they can continue to be enjoyed by your wedding party. Removable displays are also useful if there are time constraints around access to the church prior to or after the ceremony.

As you can see from these examples, at Tolly's Flowers we not only put together beautiful flower displays, but we also have the creativity and practical know-how to work with your venue's features, in order to achieve a stunning result for your special day.

Ceremony Flowers Norfolk – Please take a look at more examples of our wedding flowers for ceremonies and receptions.


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